Root Canals

Root Canals in Jenison, MI

With a root canal, you can treat infections weakening the pulp. This is the necessary treatment for everyone who is suffering from the problem because the prolonged infection can kill pulp and, with that, the tooth itself.

Jenison Family Dentistry is a great solution if you’re looking for a root canal near you. These infections usually appear due to leaky fillings, tooth decay, or trauma-led tooth damage. Regardless of the cause, it is crucial to eliminate microbes as soon as possible.

Do You Need A Root Canal Treatment?

When you visit an endodontist near you, the professional might perform an x-ray screening. This is a rare diagnostic exam, only when an expert suspects a serious, underlying problem. When you check teeth with an x-ray, you might notice issues such as bacterial infection.

Over time, the tooth pulp will be damaged by bacteria. The problem will only amplify itself as bacteria start multiplying and spreading around.

The most obvious symptoms of infection are:

  • Pain when chewing or biting.
  • Pain when drinking or eating hot and cold.
  • A tooth is becoming loose.

We recommend that you address these issues, even if they seem minor. In time, these symptoms will stop, which is a very bad sign. When the symptoms stop, the pulp is dead, and the tooth can no longer feel anything.

At first, a patient might think that the infection has passed, but it has spread throughout the whole root canal system. This will lead to additional problems like:

  • Pus comes from a troubled tooth.
  • Chewing pain will return, probably even stronger than before.
  • There will be massive swelling around the affected tooth. This might go with general facial swelling.
  • The tooth will change its color, becoming much darker.
  • A strong headache is a good indication that the infection is progressed.

Always remember that the pulp cannot regenerate by itself. You will have to visit a dentist’s office to address the infection before it’s too late. A root canal procedure is the best way to address the problem, as antibiotics won’t work.