Sports Mouthguards

Sports Mouth Guards in Jenison, MI

Mouthguards are designed to withstand knocks and blows and help protect your teeth and gums. Mouth and jaw injuries are the most common sports injuries many athletes face. A need to wear a mouthguard is strongly recommended, especially if you do direct contact sports where you run a high risk of getting injured.

Injuries during sports are hard to predict, and you’ll never know when an accident will occur. This is why most athletes use customized mouth guards to help protect their teeth may protect from serious injury. A mouthguard will act as an additional layer of protection by absorbing some of the impacts and keeping the teeth in place during a hard blow.

Dental Mouth Guards For Bruxism

When sleeping, some people may clench their jaws or grind their teeth. It happens involuntarily most of the time and is caused by a medical condition known as bruxism. A dentist would usually recommend a bruxism mouth guard to help mitigate the damage from your teeth grinding together during sleep.

The Process of Making A Mouthguard

First, it’s essential to understand that the completion times for a custom mouth guard may vary depending on the material used and the patient’s specific requirements. There are general mouth guards that can buy, but these are not a one-size-fits-all solution. A dental impression of your teeth is taken for a custom mouthguard, allowing us to make a mold. We would then utilize this mold to create a mouth guard that fits your tooth structure accurately. Once we get the finished mouth guard, it will be carefully examined to verify that there are no flaws and that it fits comfortably in your mouth. We make sure that the final product is high quality and that the patient is comfortable.

Want To Purchase A Custom Mouthguard?

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